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How to Create and Login to an Account on Windows 10 is a popular email service that offers powerful features and protection for your inbox against spam, viruses, and other malicious content. It is also an easy-to-use interface with built-in security settings to protect the account from hackers. In this article, we will show you how to create an account on Windows 10, as well as how to log in after completing the setup process!

How to Create and Login to an

How to Create and Login to an Account on Windows 10 is a popular domain for email, and with Windows 10 you can create an account to use it through the Outlook app. Here's how: 

1) Open the Microsoft Store on your computer 

2) Search for "Outlook" and select "Outlook Mail & Calendar" from the search results 

3) Select "Get it now" or "See all versions." Make sure that you are using the correct version of Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit). If not, download this from

Steps to Create to an Account on Windows 10

  1. Open up your web browser and go to website or click the link here! -Sign in with a Hotmail account that you would like to use on Windows by clicking Sign In at the top of the screen. (If this is not already an active email address for one of your Microsoft accounts, you will need to create one first.) -Enter the email address and password for your inloggning accounts for the fields provided. Click Sign In when finished.[
  2. If this is a new Gmail account that has not been linked to Windows before, you should see an activation code on the screen after signing in successfully below "Account Options".
  3. If this is an account that has been linked to Windows before but you have not logged in on a different device, click the link for "I forgot my activation code" below. -Enter your email address and choose either of the two options: One Time Password or Linked Email Address. The choice will depend on whether this is a new Hotmail account or an old one that you have not logged in on before.
  4. After selecting either option, click the Get Activation Code button and enter your email address to access the code -Create Your Account: After reading all of the terms and conditions, check I accept these terms and conditions then hit Create Account!
  5. Enter a password for your account and then click Create Account! -Login: Once you've created an account, log in by clicking the link at the top of the screen. You will see two options to choose from: Sign in with Microsoft Email or Sign In using Google. Choose one of these options depending on which email service you used to sign up for
  6. Enter your email address and password, then click Sign In when done! -Outlook Mail & Calendar is now ready to be used on Windows! You can start using it by clicking the Start button in the top left corner of the screen or by pressing "Windows Logo" + "E".

Steps to Login / Sign in to an Account on Windows 10

  • When you sign in for the first time, there will be a small window that pops up with an activation code. This is where you need to activate your account after signing it into Outlook on Windows. Here's how:
  • Press "Sign In" and enter the email address associated with this new Hotmail account or old one -Click the button for "I forgot my activation code" -Enter your email address and then either the one-time password or linked email address. If you're using a new Hotmail account, this will be an old abandoned Outlook account that has not been used on a different device yet.
  • Select One Time Password if this is a new Gmail account, or Linked Email Address if this is an old abandoned Outlook account.
  • Enter your email address and the code that pops up in a window -Click Sign In to use this new Hotmail account on Windows!
  • Choose "Sign in with Microsoft" for Gmail account, or "Sign in using Google" for Outlook accounts. Enter the email address and password, then click Sign In when done!

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How to Download Apps Like Playbox HD and Hotmail App on iPhone

PlayBox HD iOS 11 - Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite movie for free by just using your iOS device? Well, then today you are in luck as we are going to be showing you just how you can simply get your hands on one of the most awesome apps that are out there allowing people to download and watch their favorite movies as well as TV shows. iOS is one of the most popular operating systems and recently Apple has launched its newest version of the software providing people with more and more features. But with this update comes out a worry for all those who are looking forward to watching movies and TV shows on their devices using third-party apps that are not yet supported on the platform. Well now you don’t need to worry as today we are going to be showing you all how you can simply change the entire way you watch movies by just a click on your iOS device.

There have been many changes in iOS with the iOS 11 and now today we are simply going to be talking about how it would be affecting the apps like PlayBox HD which allowed us, i.e. the users to watch our favorite movies and TV shows for absolutely no money at all. hipstore ios app for iOS 10 was working fine as of recently and the developers have recently released a newer app for the people who are looking forward to watching their favorite movies and TV shows on their devices with the newer iOS 11.There are movies releasing at the start of each and every weekend and to watch each and every one of them would lead to some serious financial issues to you as entertainment in any country is pretty costly.

The movie tickets along with the necessary popcorn spending can set you back a lot and do so for every new release would be pretty expensive. Thus to lower your entertainment costs we would like to introduce you to the PlayBox for iOS 11. The playbox HD app for iOS is going to provide you all with the best movies and TV shows that are pretty popular for everyone. Playbox has been getting all the new movies that you would like to see and soon it is going to be helping you out to watch your favorite ones.and here is way to download .

Features: Playbox HD iOS 11

There are many features that you would be entitled to when you download the playbox HD app for your iOS device. Some of them are as follows -
  • Get latest and newest TV shows for absolutely free of cost right in the palm of your hand
  • Watch high-quality streams at high speeds.
  • Subtitles in over 200+ languages from open subtitles
  • You can play the movies using the favorite media player of yours.
  • you can also enter your login id to get updates.

Step To Download Playbox HD iOS 11

To get the playbox service for your iOS 11 simply download Aptoide Lite from - and install the app through there.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

How to Download IMO For Windows Phone : 2016 Guide

Download IMO For Windows Phone:- Windows Phone is the third-best mobile operating system that is available out there. Earlier when smartphones with Windows mobile operating systems were launched there was one issue with them. There were a limited number of applications and games for these smartphones. As time passed developers started developing applications that were available for android and iOS compatible devices for Windows Phone.
IMO for PC
Now you will find a lot of amazing applications for Windows Phone in the Windows Phone store. If you message a lot with your friends and family members then we suggest you try IMO. Now grab the ID from IMO is a messaging application that you can use on your Windows Phone to text your friends and video call them. You will find many communication applications in the Windows Phone store but one of the best which comes with a user-friendly interface and amazing features is in the app. You can have a look at the features of this application and find out what you are going to get in it.

Features of IMO app on Windows Phone

IMO comes with a lot of interesting features. We have mentioned some of the best features of this application below.

  • You can use the application for sending unlimited messages. You won’t be charged a single penny as everything is free with IMO. 
  • Make video calls to all your friends and contacts using IMO for free. You don’t have to pay any subscription fee to make video calls to your friends and contacts using IMO. 
  • Make messaging fun by adding stickers and emoticons to your conversations. There are a lot of stickers available in the app which you can use in your chats. Select from different emoticons that are available in the emoticon section. 
IMO features
  • Many people don’t use communication applications as they think that the conversations which they are going to make using this application can be hacked by anyone. IMO is having encrypted security which will ensure that all the messages which you send and receive are safe and are not read by anyone other than you. 
  • Sending files from its official website is a super easy job.
  • You also get group chats to feature in IMO. The advantage of group chat feature is that you can add all your favorite friends in a group and chat with them all day long. You can even share photos and videos in the group chat. 

How to Download IMO on Windows Phone 

If you are having a Windows Phone and want to use IMO on it, you can follow the steps which we have shared below. 
  • Open the app drawer of Windows Phone.
  • You will find a search bar located on the top. In the search bar, you have to enter “IMO” and hit the Enter key. 
  • Open IMO from the search results and once the app is opened, you have to tap on the Install button. 
  • It is the best option available for you.
Once IMO is installed you will see it on the home screen of your phone.